Getting to the root of a problem by asking good questions.

Identifying solutions through field and peer inquiry.

Creating space for action through information-sharing and decision-focused meeting design and consensus-building processes.

Field Scans

We talk with field leaders to identify issues of concern, emerging investment opportunities for the foundation or nonprofit, and opportunities to move the field forward.

Grant and Initiative Support

We write requests for proposals, review grant applications, conduct site visits, interact with grantees to identify learnings and areas of needed intervention, and create productive grantee convenings.

Community Assessments

We collect quantitative (surveys and publicly available data) and qualitative (focus groups and interviews) information to help nonprofit and foundation leaders understand the assets and needs of their community.

Documentation & Evaluation

We create and implement multi-year, multi-method documentation and evaluation projects, work with organizations to create project logic models, and create and implement documentation and evaluation training.

Peer Networks

We organize funder and field networks to improve coordination and alignment among key collaborators.

The Annie E. Casey Foundation Fund for State Children and Youth Policy

Project Examples

Collective Impact

Nagle & Associates worked with a group of women’s foundations to raise awareness of the economic security needs of women and their families and build collective impact.

Grantee Convening

Nagle & Associates worked with grantees of a major national foundation to design and implement a multi-day learning and peer-exchange convening focused on building capacity among child advocacy organizations to address race equity and inclusion.

Request for Proposals

Nagle & Associates worked with a group of funders to develop a new, collaborative initiative to increase economic security, created the request for proposals, ran the grantee selection process, and oversaw contracting and reporting.

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